Band of the Week: The Kooks

For our first ‘Band of the Week’ we’re starting off big. Straight from the eccentric town of Brighton, the south England band were formed  in 2004 and dropped their debut album ‘Inside In / Inside Out‘ in 2006. They are perhaps best known for their iconic track ‘Naive‘ which has racked up 115 million downloads on Spotify and 46 million views on Youtube, making their most popular song.

Image result for the kooks glastonbury 2008
Luke Pritchard performing at Glastonbury, 2007 (Source: BBC)

‘The Kooks’ have released a total of 5 albums, most recently in 2015 with ‘Hello, What’s Your Name?‘ The lads are said to have had similar styles to the Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, The Libertines and many more. They are widely recognised as Indie Rock legends, but lead vocalist Luke Pritchard described their album ‘Junk Of The Heart’ as ‘a good pop album.’  Though still going strong, my personal favourites are found in their older stuff, with ‘Always Where I Need to Be‘ and ‘Eddie’s Gun‘ topping my list of recommendations.

If somehow you have not heard of this band, I would highly suggest you get listening! (P.S. Eddie’s gun is about erectile dysfunction. Don’t let that put you off though 😉


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