Band of the Week: Blossoms

The mighty Blossoms are our Band of the Week this time round! Blossoms are a 5 man ensemble from Stockport, Greater Manchester. The band formed in 2013 and since then they have released a banging debut album entitled Blossoms, and following up to this was a Blossoms extended tracklist. As with most new bands they were picked up by BBC introducing and now have a very established name in the music community.

Byline Robbie Jay Barratt ©
Blossoms live at Leeds Fest 2016 (credit:

The members of Blossoms were interestingly all born in the same hospital in Greater Manchester and all lived within 2 km of each other when they were younger. It wasn’t until they left high school and were working in various menial jobs that all of the members met each other and decided to form Blossoms as we know it today. The band’s most popular track ‘Charlamagne’ helped boost their success, with it being featured as BBC radio 1’s track of the day, and also being on Spotify’s 2016 ‘Spotlight’ playlist. Their debut album ‘Blossoms’ was released under the Virgin EMI label, and impressively it gained the number one spot in the UK album charts. My top tunes include ‘Honey Sweet,’ ‘Texia’ and also they new track with Chase and Status: ‘This Moment’

Get listening! x

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